Who I am


Dr. Terrance Bell is a former U.S. Marine turned entrepreneur and bestselling author. He’s the oldest of six and grew up with a single mother on welfare in Memphis, Tennessee. At a young age, Terrance's mother was medically diagnosed with schizophrenia prompting social workers to frequent their home. All kids were eventually removed and subsequently placed in a revolving door of foster care homes. They were all separated because no one family member could take them all. Terrance eventually ended up at his grandmother's home, a tiny three-bedroom with seven other family members living in it, but his siblings were spread out in other states. To compound matters, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42. She was given six months to live but didn’t succumb to the disease until a few years later. Terrance was not a scholar of sort, though he excelled in English, political debating and was a baseball standout throughout high school. He also played a trial season in the minor leagues at age 17. But after high school, Terrance decided to join the U.S. Marine Corps. "As a way out of my circumstances, I chose what I felt was the most elite fighting force of the military", says Bell.

Terrance has certainly had his share of ups and downs and felt that it was important to share his lessons learned and knowledge gained with those who also seek personal success and fulfillment. He currently dedicates his life to coaching and advising organizations, businesses, executives and professionals from all sectors of industry.



Why I do this

"Coaching people has brought about a tremendous amount of personal fulfillment. There is no greater joy than helping someone else achieve their aspirations in life, or helping organizations meet or exceed their goals. Sometimes people fail to realize just how important it is to always seek empowerment to fuel their pursuit and journey to success and fulfillment. I do this in order to reach all those who have a deep and earnest desire to live past their current circumstances and start living their dreams, or at least get close to it."


What I can do for you


Terrance knows how to accelerate your path to success. He has created simplified principles that you'll be able to utilize in order to help create breakthroughs in your life. You will also be inspired and motivated to achieve greater success, and you'll most definitely want to step up your game.  Terrance will give you the supreme essentials, which include building your faith and fortitude, to overcome challenges, adjust to change, shape perspectives and design solutions for problems.